‘Otonglo Boy’ Daniel Owira Makes TV Acting Debut Tonight on Inspekta Mwala

May 6, 2013

Daniel Owira, the famous ‘Otonglo Time’ narrator, will tonight make his first ever appearance on a TV show, after Citizen TV gave him an opportunity to showcase more of his acting prowess on Inspekta Mwala.

The station has been running promos for the show, definitely hoping for a traffic spike. His appearance will also help improve ratings for the programme, which is believed to have lost most of its audience over the years. 

Daniel Owira is just out of making a Naivas back to school commercial. This week, the form two student at Highway Secondary School returns to school. Though he has continued to point out that his dream is to be a lawyer, we never know what the future holds for him. 

It will also remain to be seen whether Owira will be as popular in a few months time.

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