Jay Z and Kanye West Performing Live in Nairobi This June – Ticket Sh 45,000

May 6, 2013

Over the weekend, we noticed some information passing by our twitter timeline, Jay Z and Kanye West are to perform in Kenya on June 29th.

Big story indeed, but what made us keep off the exclusive is the amount being ‘reported’ as the entrance fee. Allegedly, an ordinary ticket will go for Sh 45,000 as the VIP ticket goes for Sh 70,000. 
The rumour could have been believable until that part. 
Even the die hard fans of the Throne, would find it hard to fork out such an amount, and any local organizer knows that.

When it became apparent that the rumour was just a rumour, people were not shy to make one or two jokes about the situation.

Perhaps Jay Z is coming to Kenya to see Cecelia Mwangi of the Jigga Foundation”

Jay Z is kamin 2 Kenya 2 show Octopizzo the difference btwn ILLUMINATI and Legio Maria”
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