Maina Kageni Defends Mombasa #PornDeDog Ladies

May 14, 2013

Last week, the nation was left in shock after it emerged that a group of women in Mombasa were engaging in filmed bestiality with a dog, for a pay of only Sh3000. 

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Now, the 11 ladies have found a defender in one Maina Kageni. Not exactly supporting their actions, but against their mass vilification.  
This is what the radio presenter wrote on his Facebook page.

“So, we all know that what those girls did was wrong …but there’s a theory of double standards here, especially towards a number of critics. It is said that many of those guys who grew up in the rural areas (huko mashambani) and were grazing goats, sheep, chicken and other domestic animals have done even worse! They have skeletons in their closets.

These are the people who are vilifying those girls …especially some well known prominent personalities who grew up in shaggs …who were grazing goats, cows and sheep yet they are known to have done worse things! Of course what these girls did was wrong (bestiality with dogs) and we are not supporting them …but we are asking why are some of those people who have done worse things in their childhood demonizing them as if they themselves are sinless? If those domestic animals could speak, we would hear stories!!!

Have you heard of them? Have you seen any happen? Is it a normal occurrence for those people who have grown up in shaggz rearing animals? Why are some of these people are throwing stones yet we know that they live in a glass house?

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