You Know She is From Kakamega if ? Very Hilarious

April 15, 2013

On Monday, Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT), picked up another hash tag, and this time the victims were luhya ladies. 
#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf  was trending the whole day, and below are some of the best tweets.

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf her idea of white forest is ugali.

#youknowsheisfromkakamegaif her favourite show of all tym is cow and “Chicken”

#youknowsheisfromkakamegaif she has legs like for drogba”

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf after taking a birth she uses the soap as body lotion

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf when she visits you & you give her a push to the stage, she gives you a push back

#YouKnowSheisFromKakamegaif she thinks people who are shot in movies and never die are devil worshipers

On the brighter syd, #youknowsheisfromkakamegaif she is humple and hartworking

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf on her CV she went to Shamakhokho mixed day and lodging

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf foreplay includes chasing a chicken around the house & bringing it to her

#youknowsheisfromkakamegaif she’s turned on by the noise from a posho mill” *dead*

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf She is lazy in bed but runs faster than Bolt when chasing chicken

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf She has a thermos in her handbag

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf she stops eating coz of getting tired, not being full.

#If her handbag looks like this.

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf she interchanges the letters of the alphabet– A P C T E F G H I J K L M N O B Q R S D U V W X Y Z

#youknowsheisfromkakamegaif the main reason she gat a twitter account is to hunt down the twitter bird!

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf Her shoulders are broader than her hips.

#YouKnowSheisFromKakamegaif she can’t be tickled

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf she gets turned on by googling pictures of thermos

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf her names is either truphosa, lisbet(elizabeth) truphhena, teresa etc

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf she has a big thermos yet she lives alone.”

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaif she drinks tea when she’s thirsty!

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf anabeba bag kama amefunika na kitambaa ya kiti

#If when you take her on a date she eats like this.

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf she licks maize flour to regain energy after a gym session

#YouKnowSheisFromKakamegaif during sex you moan “who’s your daddy” and she says “si ni wesonga”

#YouKnowSheIsFromKakamegaIf Ukimpeleka date Galitos anaitisha kuku kienyeji. 


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