Nation Media Allows Their Churchill Show To Be Attacked on Sunday Nation

April 21, 2013

Boniface Mwalii is no stranger to looking for faults. A few weeks ago, he attacked K24’s news anchors for wearing mitumba shoes, and its management for failing to poach a graphics guy as it poached everyone else. 
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On Sunday, the writer found his latest victim in Churchill. He attacked his show for performing dismally. Without diluting his words, heres the full article. 

The thing about Churchill…

Have you ever been to one of those snooty restaurants where the waiters glide about the place with menu’s written in languages only they can understand then you order a steak then they ask you if you want it well done or rare et cetera? Then whichever one you order ends up tasting like you should have ordered something else. Well, Churchill kind of exudes the same feeling.

Don’t get it twisted. Churchill Live was funny at first. I’m not sure whether it was the novelty of a Kenyan stand-up comedy show or the fact that in that pre-Twitter era there were no timeline jokes to steal in broad daylight. But bottom line, there was always a joke or two to spare after the torture of Eric Omondi’s horrendous costumed skits.

So as the show grew weary, it was my assumption that the shift from ‘Live’ to ‘Show’ was to allow them time to sieve through the hours of bland jokes for 40 minutes of laugh-worthy on air material. Either I was wrong or theirs was an effort in futility.

Watching Churchill Show last Sunday was like eating dry githeri. Painful and you never want to imagine going through it again. I now see why it’s necessary to film the show at The Carnivore (or any bar for that matter). You’d need to be properly hammered to sit through hours of whatever that is. I’m yet to establish what they serve for the laughs though.

Then there’s Churchill Raw. In his defence, MC Jesse has really come of age. From stale tribal jokes he now does somewhat funny tribal jokes. Progress is a slow process people so count your blessings. But seriously, by the end of the show did you not feel like you had just eavesdropped in on an Ameru mchongwano session?

Yet somehow, Churchill Raw is a lot less painstaking to watch than the main show. If anything, it’s almost as if Churchill Raw betrays the Churchill brand by having actual humour and lacking the tiredness and blandness of Churchill.

Stay strong.

Courtesy of Sunday Nation

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