Strong Message From Esther Passaris

March 14, 2013
Point to Ponder….if you and your family were involved in a severe accident and urgently needed blood to save your lives, do you think that the blood in the bank would be from your tribe? No. It wouldn’t. It’s from a fellow human being created in the image of God! Lets be humane beings and shame the devil and not our Creator. I love my fellow human beings, not my tribe. 
If your hand causes you to sin chop it off…that’s biblical. I am and was a child of God before I became a tribe or a citizen of this world. Lets tolerate each other, I love my ugali, my githeri, my muthukoi, my mursik and isakyaat. I love my maasai blanket, my kisii soap stone, my ebony carving, my gor mahia T shirt. I love everything Kenyan. Every tribe has something unique and beautiful to offer. United we Stand….celebrate your fellow Kenyan today knowing it just might be his blood that will save your life or that of your loved ones

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