Toyota Selling This Bomb Proof Luxury Car For Only Sh 14 Million

January 17, 2013

The owner of a run-of-the-mill Toyota wasn’t satisfied with the style and protection the car came with off the belt, and spent £100,000 to add a champagne bar, a widescreen TV and grenade proof armour.
The Toyota Sequoia SUV, which retails at £30,000, has been converted to withstand driving over a landmine as well as the lavish additions on the inside.
Its exterior remains as anonymous as before, but open the door and the changes are far more noticeable.

Crib car: Although the Toyota looks the same on the outside, its inside has been significantly spruced up
Expensive wheels: The SUV already costs £30,000 but it wasn’t enough for its owner who spent another £100,000 to convert it into a luxurious – and bomb proof – supercar
The result is a fortress on wheels which includes a widescreen TV, wood trim, leather thrones, champagne compartments and mounted tablet computers on the side.The outside has been armoured to withstand 7.62x51mm rifle rounds, hand grenades and landmines.

Kim Pemberton, director of sales at Lexani Motor Cars said: ‘It is the only Toyota Sequoia we have done although the owner has another one coming next week as well as a Sprinter for us to do.
‘The most popular models are Cadillac Escalade ESV, Chevrolet Suburbans, and GMC Yukon Denali.
‘Our client base comes from affluent professionals and heads-of-state who appreciate luxury but also want something unique that very few will have.’

The car relies on a driver as the divider between the back and front has been turned into a widescreen television and champagne bar
As well as the tablets on the walls, the outside is strong enough to withstand landmines, hand grenades and rifle rounds
‘The cost for a Lexani Motors interior on an SUV generally runs around $150,000 give or take depending on options.
‘The interiors are handmade by our craftsmen in house and we are a small boutique company so we don’t mass produce our products like many.
‘When we are through with our executive vehicles they not only offer the luxurious appointments the client has chosen in designing their environment but also will function as a mobile office.’

Daily Mail

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