How Tech Startup Olive is Shaking Things Up

September 24, 2020

Olive and its affiliates have been providing mechanical breakdown coverage to drivers for 15 years, but the company recently launched, a tech startup that changes the way drivers can shop for and access their coverage. The app fits into a modern world and streamlines the process of shopping for coverage, filing claims, getting customer service, and more. Rather than sitting in a car office and filling out a ton of paperwork for a vehicle service contract, Olive lets customers find their coverage from their smartphone.

Extended Time to Consider an Extended Warranty

In the past, the most common way to add an extended warranty to your vehicle was to opt for the vehicle service contract offered by the dealership. In some states, including California, these contracts can only be purchased at the time of the sale, so customers felt rushed and pressured into adding the warranty to the total cost of the car. With Olive, you can review your extended warranty options on your own time. Once you’ve received your quote, you have time to read all of the fine print and make an informed decision.

It’s All Digital

Rather than having to sit in an office and sift through a stack of paperwork, Olive lets customers find and compare plans online or through an app. Using these tools, customers can request a free quote, compare coverage plans, and purchase a plan all online, and once they have decided to purchase a plan, the coverage is instantaneous. If you’re seriously considering an extended warranty, mechanical breakdown insurance, or a vehicle service contract for your Volkswagen or any other model of vehicle, be sure to check out the site to see your options.

VW Volkswagen Extended Warranty Options | MBI & VSCs | cover it. olive it.

It’s Easier

Gogetolive uses tech to make the process of buying an extended warranty easier and more convenient, and filing a claim is also convenient. Using this website, customers can access their coverage online at the time of a mechanical breakdown, helping them to determine where to take their car to get it fixed and what may be covered in the repair. Customers can also file a claim digitally rather than spending a ton of time on the phone with a representative or having to write down a ton of reference numbers if they call after hours.

Olive Offers Enhanced Transparency

For many, extended warranties offered by third parties are less than credible. Some people think that these companies rip people off, taking their money, and not offering a quality product in return. Olive is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating from the company. Although Olive was launched in 2020, the company has been known for reliability and credibility for over a decade and has spent time building a quality reputation. Customers who opt for digital coverage will be treated to the same high-quality service for which the company is known.

Coverage for Older Vehicles

Many extended warranty products end after 100,000 miles. With people staying on the road for longer periods of time, it’s highly probable that the car will last well beyond 100,000 miles, and if so, mechanical components might break. Gogetolive offers coverage options for a longer period of time and for higher mileage, even up to 185,000 miles in many cases. Like other comparable companies, they don’t offer coverage for routine maintenance, rather they cover other parts that may break down like steering columns, drive trains, transmissions, and other parts. If you are covered with olive, you will still be responsible for covering your own oil changes, tune-ups, brakes, tires, and other routine components. If you’re in need of an emergency repair for a covered part, simply file a claim through the website or the app, and you will only be responsible for the cost of the deductible.

A car is an expensive investment that should last for a long time. Typical car loan periods can range from three to seven years, and you will likely drive your car long past the length of its manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re purchasing a pre-owned car, it’s possible that the original warranty has already expired. To keep your car running for a longer period of time and to keep emergency repairs from draining your savings account, an extended warranty is the perfect option. Gogetolive allows you to take your time and do your homework, letting you pick the coverage that works best for your car and your budget, and it’s digital, so it’s convenient.

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