List of MPs Set To Defect This January

December 28, 2012
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The following members of parliament will resign anytime from now, because they have chosen to cease belonging to the party that sponsored them to parliament, and registered as members of another party.
1.        Kiraitu Murungi (APK from PNU)-Energy Minister
2.        Esther Murugi (TNA from PNU)-Special Programmes Minister
3.        Jamleck Kamau (TNA from PNU)-Nairobi Metropolitan Minister
4.        Katoo ole Metito ( TNA from PNU)-Internal Security Minister
5.        Mohamed Kuti (TNA from Narc-K)-Livestock Development Minister
6.        Beth Mugo (TNA from PNU)-Public Health Minister
7.        Robinson Githae (TNA from PNU)-Finance Minister
8.        Soita Shitanda (UDF from PNU)-Housing Minister
9.        Samuel Poghisio (URP from WDM)-Communications Minister
10.      Sam Ongeri (TNA from KANU)-Foreign Affairs Minister
11.      Yusuf Haji (TNA from KANU)-Defence Minister
12.      Moses Wetangu’la (Ford Kenya from PNU)-Trade Minister
13.      Joe Nyagah (TNA from ODM)-Cooperatives Development Minister
14.      Amos Kimunya (TNA from PNU)-Transport Minister
15.      Chirau Mwakwere (URP from PNU)-Environment Minister
16.      Naomi Shabaan (TNA from KANU)-Gender Minister
17.      Eugene Wamalwa (New Ford-K from PNU)-Justice Minister
18.      Uhuru Kenyattta (TNA from KANU)-Deputy Prime Minister
19.      Peter Kenneth (KNC from PNU)-Planning Assistant Minister
20.      Musalia Mudavadi  (UDF from ODM)-Deputy Prime Minister
21.      Balala (Republican Congress from ODM)
22.      William Ruto (URP from ODM)
23.      Cecily Mbarire (TNA from PNU)
24.      Lewis Nguyai (TNA from PNU)
25.      Beatrice Kones (URP from ODM)
26.      Aden Duale(URP from ODM)
27.      George Khaniri (UDF from ODM)
28.      Boaz Kaino (URP from ODM)
29.      Chachu Ganya (URP from ODM)
30.      Yusuf Chanzu (UDF from ODM)
31.      Charles Keter (URP from ODM)
32.      Chris Okemo (UDF from ODM)
33.      Fred Kapondi (URP from ODM)
34.      Lucas Chepkitony (URP from ODM)
35.      Benjamin Langat (URP from ODM)
36.      Jackson Kiptanui (URP from ODM)
37.      David Koech (URP from ODM)
38.      Joshua Kutuny (URP from ODM)
39.      Joyce Laboso (URP from ODM)
40.      Luka Kigen (URP from ODM)
41.      Moses Lessonet (URP from ODM)
42.      Sammy Mwaita (URP from ODM)
43.      Peris Simam (URP from ODM)
44.      Isaac Ruto (URP from ODM)
45.      Benjamin Washiali (UDF from ODM)
46.      Abu Chiaba (TNA from PNU)
47.      Aden Sugow (ODM from PNU)
48.      Clement Wambugu(TNA from PNU)
49.      Elias Mbau (TNA from PNU)
50.      Erastus Mureithi (TNA from PNU)
51.      Ekwee Ethuro (URP from PNU)
52.      Nelson Gaichuhie(TNA from PNU)
53.      Joseph Kiuna (TNA from Kanu)
54.      Kazungu Kambi (URP from Kanu)
55.      Jeremiah Kioni (UDF from PNU)
56.      Mwangi Kiunjuri (GNU from PNU)
57.      Mithika Linturi (TNA from Kanu)
58.      Lee Kinyanjui (TNA from PNU)
59.      Nderitu Muriithi (UDF from PNU)
60.      Mutava Musyimi (TNA from PNU)
61.      Kilemi Mwiria (TNA from PNU)
62.      Nemesyus Warugongo (TNA from PNU)
63.      John Mututho (TNA from KANU)
64.      Kareke Mbiuki (TNA from KANU)
65.      Danson Mungatana (TNA from Narc-K)
66.      Asman Kamama (URP from Narc-K)
67.      William Kabogo (TNA from Narc-K)
68.      Gideon Sonko Mbuvi (TNA from Narc-K)
69.      Boni Khalwale (UDF from New Ford-K)
70.      Emilio Kathuri (TNA from DP)
71.      Wifred Machage (ODM from DP)
72.      Jebii Kilimo (TNA from KENDA)
73.      Njoroge Baiya (TNA from Safina)
74.      Kabando wa Kabando (TNA from Safina)
75.      Rachael Shebesh (TNA from ODM)
76.      Silas Ruteere (URP from Mazingira)
77.      Musikari Kombo (New Ford-K from PNU)
78.      George Nyamweya (UDF from PNU)
79.      Maison Leshomo (TNA from PNU)
80.      Gideon Konchela (URP from PNU)
81.      Ferdinand Waititu (TNA from PNU)
82.      Yusuf Hassan (TNA from PNU)
83.      Ephraim Maina (TNA from Safina)
84.      Francis Nyammo (TNA from PNU)
85.      Peter Gitau (TNA from PNU)
86.      Maina Kamau (TNA from PNU)
87.      Clement Waibara (TNA from PICK)
88.      Kiema Kilonzo (Narc from WDM)
89.      Lenny Kivuti (APK from Safina)
90.      Gitobu Imanyara (ODM from CCU)
91.      Ali Mohamud Mohamed (URP from ODM)
92.      Abdikadir Mohamed (UDF from Safina)
93.      William Cheptumo (URP from ODM)
94.      Hellen Sambili (KANU to UDM)
95.      Boaz Kaino (URP from ODM)
96.      Zakayo Cheruiyot (URP from ODM)
97.      Elijah Lagat (URP from ODM)
98.      Amina Abdalla (TNA from KANU)
99.      Manyala Keya (UDF from ODM)
100.    Justus Kizito (UDF from ODM)
101.    Alfred Sambu (UDF from ODM)
102.    Manson Nyamweya (ODM from Ford-P) 
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