How Kenyans Bashed Mudavadi For His Political Naivety

December 18, 2012

usiseme Mudavadi, sema Ng’oombeeeeee!! 

Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi yesterday came under attack from Kenyans for what many saw as political naivety. Mudavadi or ‘Ma dvd’ as he is now being referred to, called a press conference where he revealed that Uhuru Kenyatta had agreed to drop his presidential ambition and support him. The purpose of those revelations was probably to portray Mudavadi as the victim and possibly gain Kenyans sympathy. 

Kenyans from all political divide, however saw some gross political miscalculation, naivety and even stupidity in Mudavadi’s belief that Uhuru would support him. Unfortunately for him, majority of Kenyans on social media are of the opinion that Uhuru should not step down for him, with many claiming that Ma dvd has never worked for any political position all his life.
In deed, on NTV’s Opinion Count, 66%of Kenyans are of the opinion that Uhuru should not step down for Mudavadi.

Below are some of the attacks Mudavadi went through the whole day, Tuesday, on Twitter.

Huyu Mudavadi anafanyiwa everything. Even his last born was sired by a Muhindi. Damn!!! 

If #Mudavadi is this much of a laughing stock online, imagine the thrashing he would receive at a #JubileeConfusion delegates conference 🙂 

Mudavadi story is similar to pata potea guys in the streets of Nbi, Ebu tufunge macho tuombee pesa…. Pap guys are gone!!!” 

Ati Mudavadi’s Last born is Indian?His name must be Sikhkuku. 

Someone should tell Mudavadi that the fact that the deal was secret means he is a mpango wa kando and he should deal with it 

Stop referring to Mudavadi as MM. Y’all making him look glam and posh. Call him Mudavadi!” 

At least Mudavadi got Mungatana back to limelight, haven’t seen/heard him for a while.. 

Mudavadi is lyk a gal demanding back her virginity” 

Mudavadi ni wale watoto ambao kabla mchapane walikuwa wanasema,hakuna cha kichwa, na tumbo:):) 

its so clear mudavadi is really good at making bad decisions. 

#WoiyeMoment to mudavadi
Mudavadi is an imbecile….a wealthy imbecile. 

If Mudavadi believed the deal Uhuru gave him it clearly shows how his wife conviced him the indian baby was his…” 
Come to think, Mudavadi should just blame himself. These are ICC suspects you are dealing with my friend.

Mudavadi is the next president for Kenya. To subscribe to such jokes send “Mudavadi” to 8484. Thank you. 

somethns gonna happen Ohuru Danganya Mudavadi ODM 

But really. Messi should sue Mudavadi for the reference.  

lmao., this mudavadi story though…i can only imagine how hard uhuru is laughing right now. 

Mudavadi will now drop the Messi story,yeye ni Gervinho” 

if you #Mudavadi can be played before u become President, can I trust you???—-NEVER EVER!!! 

Mudavadi believed they would name him the presidential candidate, then uhuru shouted “you’ve been punked!” 

usiseme Mudavadi, sema Ng’oombeeeeee!! 

Mudavadi behaves like a lady who was impregnated and now claims how she was duped into sex without a condom. Ajab!!!! 

Mudavadi’s status has changed from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘its complicated’ 

If you listen to Mudavadi really carefully, you might hear the sounds of his parents kicking themselves for not using protection” 

Mudavadi will leave the alliance and join the mayans in pushing for the end of the world.


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