Caroline Mutoko Does One Good Thing

December 17, 2012

Mutoko’s Good Deeds

A lot happened last week, especially in the life of Kiss 100 presenter Caroline Mutoko. One of her posts on Facebook brought her more than she had bargained for, leading to deletion. Several Anti-Mutoko pages were created with some of these getting more than 20,000 likes. This was not the first time the presenter came under attack from Kenyans. Though last week, was the worst she had seen yet, some of her past posts have taken her through a similar experience.

However, most Kenyans fail to see the other side of the presenter, the humane one, and perhaps as a reminder to some of the good deeds she has done in the past, Mutoko brought smiles into several people’s faces. 

On Friday, Mutoko posted to her Facebook fans the details of a lost kid,Derick Aduodi, who had been picked up by a good Samaritan. She requested anyone who may know the parent to contact a certain number, and sure enough, the boy and mum were re-united a few hours later. 

On the same Friday, Mutoko decided to promote a few businesses, by giving them free advertising on her page of 180,000 likes. She posted what they sold, and their contact details. 

Some of the posts include:

We deal in smartphones and tablets.
We will be very happy to have you share our website and Fb page. [email protected]
Thank you in advance and may you proceed with your good work.

Tuktuk for sale – KBL/C and the price is 150,000 – mahindra red in colour. Contact Peter Munyiri – [email protected]

Florence Abuor is the business of selling dried vegetables; managu, sageti, kunde, sukuma and spinach. Ideal for Kenyans who reside outside the country as they have a very long shelf life as well as busy people who want a quick meal.
She can be contacted via email:[email protected].

Pleased with her work, Mutoko posted:

So… Like I said on Thursday there is a lot of blessing in getting an extra 13,000 fans over 3 days!! I wanted to do something positive with all the attention this page was getting – why not?
Yesterday we put up the first lot of business s

hout outs & my, oh my – what a response – I’m giddy with joy:

1. Lucy Mbugua – Champions, Computers in Umoja is a very happy lady.

2. Zak Mtumishi – Jozak productions in Akila II Estate is thrilled.

3. Xtouch Kenya got such a great response, Madoc a colleague of the guy from Xtouch has asked me to give his business a shout out. Boss you’re next.

4. Slim therapy – delighted, enquirers have quadrupled (scroll down to see her comments)

5. Caren of Duvets started off with about 67 likes yesterday, today her page has 1,436.

6. I’m watching the Ragia Boutique FB page with a smile.

7. Christine of katupencilportraits – says “I’ve got lots of orders”, she’ll be busy over the holidays.

… tell you what, I’ve got to get started to making someone’s day today!!

Madoc of Adalars comes up in 10 minutes.


There you go, may be Mutoko is not the devil she’s made to be.

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