Jalang’o Will Pay You For A Molo Milk Advert Idea

December 17, 2012

Jalang’o is looking for ideas for a new Molo Milk advert, and he wants your help. The entertainer will pay anyone who comes with a brilliant idea for what he calls ‘an award winning TV advert’, for the soon to be launched Molo UHT milk. 
On his Facebook page, Jalang’o posted,

LETS MAKE MONEY!…My client Molo milk are coming up with their UHT milk that has 90days shelf life! they need an award winning tv advert! are you creative? think of the best tv ad script…I will pay you for the idea,feature you in the advert and still pay you! so youll have 2 payments!

If you think your idea fits Jalang’o’s description, all you have to do is drop him an email on [email protected]
Soon after his post, several people commented with what they believed were brilliant ideas. Some of them are below.

a politician winning campaign coz he bribes ppl na UHT milk….. they take it in bits mpaka election inafika…coz length yake ni 90days…speak of a re.run….   – Kiprop Geoffrey

okey act as apoor man,having children one secondary school going and the child gt ulcers.thres a donor who wants 2 pay fee 2gether wth doing shoping 4 ur child.the child does nt take veges coz of ulcers and he needs the milk 2 last the whole term.in his shoping u need 2 include the molo milk 2 last 4 the whole term whch is 3month .n 3 month is 90 days  – Carolyne Achieng

Lets make it real.. Jalas wot if I act as ua in-law frm maragoli in western nimekam kukuvist n u decide kunitreat na chai. Ukaenda kubuy maziwa any brand unabuy unapata ime expire. I being aware of uht molo ntakuambia. Semeji unaangaika nene, kwani haujui kuna molo uht granted 90days freshness.  – Daniel Ilado

Here’s the idea,u cme home wit otos,wait 4 awilo 2 cme wit a bread,she daleys,u both sleep and wake up afta 90 days mkiwa mmemea nywele white,mnapata bado masiwa ni fres  – Van Bintoh  

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