Mimi.co.ke: Julie Gichuru And Husband’s Online Clothing Shop You May Not Have Heard of.

November 22, 2012
Sunday Live presenter, Julie Gichuru largely influences the fashion direction Kenyan ladies take, especially the middle class. Every Sunday, thousands watch Citizen news, not because of the news, but just to see what Julie is wearing. She gets tens of compliments and dressing suggestions on her social media accounts after every Sunday Live appearance. 
Together with her entrepreneur husband Antony Gichuru, Julie has decided to take advantage of the interest her dressing attracts and her general popularity, to sell clothes herself.
However, as opposed to setting up physical premises, Julie has settled on online business. Mimi.co.ke is where it’s getting down. Here, you’ll find trendy, classic, maternity, plus size and basically any wears. However, the shop is not for any Tom, Dick or even Harry, as the dresses average at around 3000, with most going for way above that.
It’s clear Julie was targeting her greatest fans, the middle class.
Asked why she settled on an online venture, Julie said, “The high cost of rental properties in Kenya means that customers would have to pay much more for their merchandise. The business plan was therefore centered around the growing culture of online trade and commerce that is already fast developing. Additionally, going online offers increased accessibility to markets than a shop in a mall.”
Mimi.co.ke has its tagline as ‘ Classic, Sophisticated and Trendy Fashion For You’ and sure enough, you get just that. A pink plus size party dress (looks familiar to one she’s once wore) is going for Sh 4600, while a vintage print blazer is going for Sh 3600. Basically, if your budget is within this range, you should check the site out. If you find something you love, it will be delivered to you for only Sh 350 if you live in Nairobi, as long as you’ll wait till their delivery days, or Sh 600 if you want it ‘like now’. For Sh 650, you’ll have delivered to any other part of the country, and for only Sh 950, you can have it delivered to your sister in Uganda, Rwanda or Tanzania.
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