Kibaki Painfully Registers As A Voter.. And Other Painful Experiences This Week on Social Media

November 22, 2012
It’s Friday once again, that time of the week when we all log into to find the best photos of the week, neatly arranged in a single post. If you’re not a football lover however, you’ll probably not enjoy today though… just kidding, there’s something for everyone
We start of with our man at Barcelona. A snapshot of his Facebook conversation with his peers was taken before he deleted the whole thread, and we have it exclusively. And then we shift to our man in London, who inform us that Roberto Di Matteo has been sacked. We had prepared a comparison of Chelsea and other big clubs in anticipation of his sacking, and today you’ll see what we have been working on. 
But to begin the end of the week for us, here is our very own Baba Jimmy making faces.


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