"Ghetto Radio’s Mbusi’s Hobby Is Smoking Weed And Farting " Rapcha

October 1, 2012

“I speak with an accent for fun and making money, you speak with an accent coz ur not capable of speaking without it.” Rapcha to Mbusi

In a series of strongly worded tweets, Rapcha the sayantist has attacked Ghetto Radio’s Mbusi claiming that among other things, the popular presenter is a weed addict. He adds that words used by Mbusi are all stolen with his only original creation being, Hakuna Mbrr and Kung’uta miwa. 
Whatever motivated the recently fired presenter to attack Mbusi the way he did is not clear, but he appeared to be very bitter with the latter’s attacks on another radio presenter, Shaffie Weru. 

This was his tweet:
@IAMRAPCHA Shaffie might not be your favorite radio presenter but if you are my friend and want to blast him on the papers and the internet at least tell me, Respect family.”

@IAMRAPCHA Shaffie Weru’s granny took me in when my mama was down and out so i dont appreciate the fact that mbusi called him fake coz mbusi is fakest radio presenter.”

His other tweets were as follows. 

@IAMRAPCHA the whole model wording and tags lines and structure even the word mbusi kijana mdogo alie na mapoo, of goteana were taken from rauka.” 

@IAMRAPCHA from toto si toto,jaribu kutulia and of course the marriage between sheng and science, kujichosis etc etc arent your creation n*gg*.” 

@IAMRAPCHA The only thing mbusi came up with is kung’uta miwa and hakuna mbrr, thats the kind of_____ you come up with when your hobby is smoking weed and farting.” 

@IAMRAPCHA You cant claim to teach sheng while you’ve spent less than ten yrs in the city, u first know the city then the language not the other way round.” 

@IAMRAPCHA that applies to your adviser too, you teach sheng but you rap in your mother tongue?? Are you out of your f****n’ mind??”@IAMRAPCHA Wacha ni deal na haka kashoga ka maji maji one time ndo kakalambe rasa” 

Other tweets directed at Mbusii and Maji Maji:
@IAMRAPCHA Tuanikane kwani iko nene?? Kaa umeshikilia dunia achilia tukufe. #mofo” 

IAMRAPCHA Its 2:45pm so STFU or tell kichwa maji maji to give money to the hired facebook army or face me on the muthafukin stage.” 

@IAMRAPCHA Warai birai nimeamua kusoma pisha…na hio ni seng kware hawatabui.” 

@IAMRAPCHA This entire week i’ll be droping tweets about mbusi lazima ukweli wakenya wajue mzuri ama mbaya ok lemmi say ‘musuri ama baya'” 

@IAMRAPCHA Si yeye alidiss shaffie kwa internet RT @Mike_marshall17: 

@IAMRAPCHA Ata kama jo! iyo c poa kudis msee kwa social sites.” 

@IAMRAPCHA I speak with an accent for fun and making money, you speak with an accent coz ur not capable of speaking without it.

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