Calif Records’ Ala C Sex Scandal.. Leaked Inbox

October 1, 2012

A popular Facebook page, Nairobi Exposed, last night ran an exposé on Calif Records artist Ala C, who allegedly unsuccessfully tried to have sex with one his Facebook fan on their first meet. When the girl refused, he kicked her out of his house. 

Here is the entire post


Hi Admin.i want to expose a Celebrity who things he can just sleep with any1 he wants. Calif Records’ artist ‘Ala C’ is nothing but a he goat!! we meet on fb, he asked 4 my digits then invited me to his place ata hana kitu he is a true “walking class”, then bought me half litre soda akaweka his songs and b4 i knewwhat he was upto he was getting into my pants i kataad then he kicked me out just coz i told him i wont sleep with him since it was our 1st encounter. I had to go home at night ,past 1pm..surely who does he think heis???pliz admin help me expose him!

2 seconds agoNairobi Exposed!!! [behind the scenes stories & pics you wont believe]Hi, Naomi we would really appreciate if you could share with us the the fb conversations,you guys had, we will hide your name, and also if you have his mobile no, not necessarily for publication but for proof that this is the person we wana expose.

4 hours ago · Sent from Chathope this will help, this is our fb conversation, let me see kama i cant get his number coz i deleted it after that encounter >>>>

Naomi KirengeAla-C :-)ß-dåΨ!!!!Jul 11 · Sent from Mobile

Ala-c Gengethanks/ shukran!.. sasa just make sure umejoin my fun page tukule keki pamoja http://­­­AlacGengeJul 11Naomi Kirengewelcome…. sawaJul 11 · Sent from Mobile

Ala-c Gengekwani uliquit fb nini mrembo??Aug 19Naomi Kirengelol,si hivyo.mi niko… mbona?Aug 20 · Sent from Mobile

Ala-c Gengehivo tu i gez roho yangu ya fb ilikuwa imekumissAug 20Naomi Kirengeaww…. thts noted na pia u’ve been missed.nywy,i liked D interview on KTN D other day…. Dsong iko juuest!Aug 20 · Sent from Mobile

Ala-c Gengethanks my dea… na vile nilikuwa na hard tym kutafuta wasupa wa vedio…ulikuwa wapi? ungefanya hiyo video iive twice as it is now… whea do u stay btw…siezi mind kukuona in person nifurahishe macho na roho yangu…c unajua sijazoea kucheki wasupa… hawataki walking class!Aug 21

Naomi Kirengeol,hiyo si hoja hata….video ilikuwa ishaiva na hao wasupa dat r dea. ati walking class…lol,acha zako. sina mahali specific ya kuishi….ni 4rm relaa 2 relaaAug 21 · Sent from Mobile

Ala-c Gengepoa.. c we take this talk somewhea else.. nataka unipe number yako…bora isiwe ya vako..Aug 22Naomi Kirengehahaha….mbona 2sibonge tu hapa?Aug 23 · Sent from Mobile

Ala-c Gengenataka kuskia sauti yako.. drop me ua number i ll kol uAug 23Naomi Kirengelol,whoa! i
f u insist then… 071*****

3 minutes ago
Nairobi Exposed!!! [behind the scenes stories & pics you wont believe]
Thanx so much for this; where does he stay and do we mention your name ama we withhold it.
2 hours ago · Sent from Chat
Naomi Kirenge
he stays in green fields estate, you can go ahead and use my name i want him know i did this. thanks lots admin

Nairobi Exposed!!! [behind the scenes stories & pics you wont believe]
Thank you Naomi and we are ready with the story tonight, it goes down well and watch this space.what did he say in exact.
2 hours ago · Sent from Chat
he just told me ” toka uende basi kwani ulikuwa umekujia nini?”
2 seconds ago

Nairobi Exposed!!! [behind the scenes stories & pics you wont believe]
Oh, pole sana, we hope you are okayy with this now and doing fine.we advice u to change ya fb name as the story goes on air.
51 minutes ago · Sent from Chat

i ll defntly feel betta the minute he ll kol me and ask me why i did this.
2 seconds ago


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