Caroline Mutoko Has A Crush

October 22, 2012

“..maybe she was never meant to be mine.. ” Mutoko

I need about 2 hours to recover…… she wasn’t there – I was too tongue-tied to ask where she was.
There were others, grey, black, I wouldn’t even look at them —
I think I have been dumped….
While I was flirting, clearly others were making serious proposals.
That was Caroline Mutoko’s Facebook update when she found out that her ‘crush’ was missing. The update was quite confusing for those who have not been following Mutoko’s ‘plight’. Two weeks ago, the radio presenter was driving along Peponi road when she saw this amazing vehicle; a Range rover Evoque.
In her own words, she chased it, flashed her lights and eventually when the driver pulled to the side of the road and rolled her window down – she was stupidly tongue and only managed to say, “I love your car”.. sending the driver into a hysterical laugh. 
A few days later, the Kiss 100 presenter presented herself to CMC Motors, where she got a detailed run through the Evoque. In a picture published by the Star, she was seen seated in a red one, and it seems she settled on that one, because yesterday; less than two weeks after the test drive, she was back to the same shop, probably after organizing her wallet and preparing her car park. 
Earlier in the day, Mutoko had posted pictures of a red Range rover Evoque on Facebook in anticipation of what she would be riding home in the evening. Unfortunately for her, the red one was gone. The only one she wanted. Not even a grey one or black one could calm her down. 
As always, her Facebook fans were ready to offer their wise counsel on this delicate matter. The fact that she phrased her update figuratively however locked out many ‘thinkers’. Some of those who decoded the statement suggested she take the grey one, while others proposed different models. 
One particular fan connected with Caroline’s situation and from the latter’s reply, it turned out the car was not after all a priority. She’ll live.

I don’t blame you. I once had a serious crush on one at DT dobie…the difference between you and I is that you have resources to make a serious proposal…all I had was my crush…and my dream. I still dream abt her…. – Muthoni

@Muthoni – I’ll have you know that mine was a crush as well. Resources are fr raising baby. Glad to know s’one feels me. – Mutoko

…hey, maybe she was never meant to be mine. Let me focus on getting Nduku up we go play:-0 I’m a big girl, I’ll be fine.


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