Open Letter To Qtv and Kajairo

September 23, 2012
The following is an open letter to QTV producers and comedian Kajairo from a disgruntled viewer.

To say the least I am disgusted after randomly watching a distasteful episode of what apparently is a comedy show on QTV by one Joseph Kaimenyi aka. Kajairo.

    I chose to watch the show out of curiosity to see what the QTV had to offer in terms of their comedy package on a rather dull Sunday evening. I had to tickle myself to laugh at the rather dry jokes by Kajairo.

    From the looks on the faces of the attendees at the show, they seemed bored at the tasteless jokes and stage show as they gazed in a manner suggesting that they were not getting the punch lines!

    My problem however is not with the jokes but the content of the acts. Today’s show was a family show with an outdoor setting meaning parents had come with their kids to enjoy themselves.   

    Instead of ‘studying’ his audience and using logic and common sense in the nature of his jokes, this ‘comedian’ Kajairo chose to parade skimpily dressed female dancers in torn tight busy gyrating their hips in lewd dances in full view of kids.
    What are we showing our children really, Mr, Kajairo/QTV?

    To make it worse, he had this other ‘clown’ who had kids chanting ‘choma mtu na pasi’..’dunga mtu macho’…!

    Where is the comedy in that? This is the height of irresponsibility from a grown up.These were impressionable
    Minds who cling to every word and execute in articulate precision what they are told to repeat over and over.

    Kajairo should borrow a leaf from seasoned comedians like Churchill or even upcoming comedians
    on TV Shows like LOL & The Hot Seat.

    If you ask me, Kajairo is a played out comedian who tries to remain relevant by using the guise of comedy
    in being reckless in his pronunciations during his boring shows.I don’t know the dude personally,so i bear no grudge
    against him.I am just another TV viewer irked at one individual recklessness in the full glare in the name of having fun{Comedy}

    Style up Peter Kaimenyi!

by 4play – Kenyanlist

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