Kenyans Ridicule Miguna’s Governor Announcement

September 21, 2012

Vie Baby Vie..

When Miguna Miguna made the shocking announcement that he will be vying for Nairobi Governor seat, Kenyans took to social media to express their shock. The tweets and status updates soon became ridicule and most of them were funny to read. Here is a collection of some of the best.

Miguna Miguna takes on Nairobi Nairobi 
Miguna Miguna declares candidature for Nairobi Governor. LQTM “Vie baby Vie” – [Laughing Quietly To Myself]
I think people should stop laughing at Miguna Miguna – We need to start taking Mental Health seriously.

Miguna Miguna wants to vie for Nairobi governorship hehehe joke of the year.”
Just tuned to K24 and in 1 min Miguna has mentioned RAO seven times 
Miguna: Ati If the country has admitted Waititu as a normal candidate then am not mad ..LOL 
HAHAHAHA!!!! GTFOOHWTBS! – [Get the fu** out of here with that bull shi*]
Miguna Miguna You definitely will be on Night of a Thousand laughs.” Hilarious stuff..
1st there was Waititu then Kabogo and now there is Miguna Is there a relatively sane person vying for Nairobi’s governor seat? 
Miguna Migunacomes out of the ‘closet’…so twas all just about politics?! smh 
Miguna for Governor!” Are you drunk or your mental doctor is on strike
Nairobi gets all the awesome candidates. Choose btwn Miguna& Waititu. It’s like a choice btwn explosive diarrhea & farts 
Miguna thinks he can become governor simply coz he attracts crowds wherever he goes, I hope Nyengese is not getting ideas now 
Well, with chaps like Miguna & Waititu … I don’t think Jimnah Mbaru has much to worry about in 2013 
So Miguna will tell the voters on election day “Come babies come!” 
I am voting for Jeff Koinange’s co-host on the bench, Miguna*2
Miguna has lost his marbles, migunahas lost his mind he’s gone crazy”
Mahali Waititu atapata Miguna, violence! Lol

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