Siku Njema Author Ken Walibora Arrested For Exposing His Genitals

September 23, 2012
Ken Walibora
Image by Jackal News

In a bizzare story you won’t hear everyday, ‘Siku Njema’ author and former Nation TV news anchor, Ken Waliaula, better known by his pen name ‘Walibora’ has been charged in USA for ‘exposing’ his genitalia. Walibora is currently an assistant professor of African languages and literature at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He allegedly exposed his organ to a random lady near campus, who later turned out be a student who had taken some of his classes. 

The lady filed a complaint with the police and Walibora was arrested 2 hours later. Initially, he denied having deliberately exposed himself, saying that he realized that his zipper was down after seeing the shock on the woman’s face. He however admitted, saying that he has an ‘exposing problem’, and that he had revealed his privates to at least 5 more women. 
On her complaint, the 22 year old lady said that she noticed Walibora’s zipper and top button of his jeans open and when she made eye contact, the good professor smiled and adjusted his jeans so that genitals became more visible.
Ken Walibora, 47, is known for his time at Nation Television, now NTV, where he served as a Swahili news anchor at the then new station. During his time there, he is credited with coming up with several phrases including the now widely accepted ‘eneo bunge’, Swahili for constituency. He is also known for his novels with the most read being ‘Siku Njema’.

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