Raila Joins Team Prezzo

July 30, 2012

Prezzo Becomes First Kenyan To Get To Big Brother Finals.

Prime minister Raila Odinga has come out to express his support for Prezzo, who became the first Kenyan to reach Big Brother Africa finals. He joined his ODM partymate, Rachael Shebesh who just recently urged Kenyans to vote for the rapper.
In a message to his twitter followers sent this morning, Raila urged Kenyans to vote in large numbers for the Kenyan. “I would like to encourage Kenyans to come together in large numbers & vote for Prezzo on @BigBroAfrica. #TeamPrezzo
Prezzo last night managed to survive his fourth eviction scare by garnering the second most votes in Africa. He got 4 votes, similar to Lady May. Kyle led with 6 votes. Janette, who was evicted, only got 1 vote. As usual, Tanzania joined Kenya in voting for the rapper. Liberia and the rest of Africa also voted for him.
This is how Africa voted.
Angola: Lady May
Botswana: Lady May
Ghana: Jannette
Kenya: Prezzo
Liberia: Prezzo
Malawi: Kyle
Namibia: Lady May
Nigeria: Kyle
South Africa: Kyle
Sierra Leone: Kyle
Tanzania: Prezzo
Uganda: Kyle
Zambia: Kyle
Zimbabwe: Lady May
Rest of Africa: Prezzo

Total: Kyle = 6; Lady May = 4; Prezzo = 4, Jannette = 1. (Total: 15 Votes)

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