Kibaki’s ‘Bodyguard’ To Resign And Join Politics.

July 22, 2012

Lt Col GK Muturi Is Believed To Be Eyeing A Position In Embu County.

kibaki aide de camp Muturi
GK Muturi
President Kibaki’s aide-de-camp, popularly known as his bodyguard, is set to resign from his position in the next one month, to seek elective office. Lt Col GK Muturi, replaced Josiah Mrashui, as the president’s ADC some time back. As the aide de camp, one is entitled to unlimited privileges, among them accompanying the president to every part of the world. That may sometime prove irritating but you have to do it. 
The only documented time when Kibaki was not with his aide de camp, was when he visited Michuki’s family immediately after the minister died. All of the president’s men, including personal secretary Nick Wanjohi and the ADC, Col Muturi, were ordered to wait outside. All entrances were locked and the ADC, like everyone else, waited for almost 2 hours. 
Muturi, who has in the course of duty probably mastered the game of politics, is believed to be eying a position in Embu County, but it is not clear which one. Senator or Governor may be a little too much for a newcomer, but since he may be having the backing of the head of state, he may sail through. He has reportedly been advised not to let this opportunity go, and to ride on Kibaki’s influence to get to parliament.
This will surely be a very interesting political story, where a person we see on TV, almost on a daily basis, but have never heard utter a word, gets behind microphones and starts campaigning.

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