Kenya’s Malonza Evicted From BBA.

July 9, 2012

Prezzo Lives To See Another Week.

Kenya has finally had its numbers at the Big Brother Star Game reduced by one following the eviction of Malonza Chege. Malonza and Junia, the other evictee of the night, formed what was christened Stargame’s most loved couple. 
The presenter announced Malonza as the first housemate to leave the show on Sunday Night. Junia broke down as her man walked out. Moments later she too found out she was headed for homeville. At this point she let out a sigh of relief and whispered, “At least I am leaving with him.”
The nominees were Prezzo (Kenya), Keagan (South Africa), Goldie (Nigeria), Kyle (Uganda), Lady May (Namibia), Junia (Namibia). 
Keagan was the head of the house so he was given a chance to save one person. Naturally he saved himself, replacing his name with Malonza’s.
Kenya’s remaining housemates are Prezzo and Malonza’s brother Alex. Prezzo’s survival this weekend, perhaps gave him more time to hook up with Goldie. However, as the housemates numbers decrease, his time may be safely considered to be running out because he clearly is not everyone’s favourite.

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