Camp Mulla’s Miss Karun Turns 18.

July 9, 2012
There has always been arguments over the ages of the Camp Mulla people. Just last month, a member of Camp Mulla, Taio Tripper, turned 19. This weekend, another member of the fast rising group was celebrating a birthday. 
Miss Karun (Real name: Karun Mungai) turned 18 on Saturday. The young star is the only girl in the group and plays the role of lead vocalist and song writer.
This was the Facebook update from /campmulla.
Mad Birthday Love to the First lady of Camp Mulla who turns 18 today… 18 till I die @MissKarun .. The Future is bright for you baby girl 😀
Thee First Lady Miss Karun 🙂
At 18 years of age, her music has been played by international music stations, she has received a BET nomination, made lots of money and for sure has not seen her better days.

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