Alpha Apologizes To EABL After Facebook Post.

July 5, 2012

Alpha Rwirangira Apologetic After Heavily Worded Facebook Post Attacking EABL.

Alpha Rwirangira, the double Tusker Project Fame winner, was in the news last week, after he wrote a strongly worded statement on his Facebook timeline, accusing East African Breweries Limited of neglect. The heavily publicized open letter accused EABL of not following up on the success of its winners after the show. Alpha gave examples of all past winners and how they have achieved little of nothing musically. He was particularly unhappy with the brewers for refusing to sponsor an event he hosted in Rwanda despite the presence of several TPF contestants and Judge Ian. 
On social media, Alpha was mostly attacked for expecting too much from a money making company. Many people were of the opinion that Alpha should work harder in his music instead of blaming anyone. 
Barely one week after his post, Alpha has penned down another one, this time apologizing. 
‘I want to give big thanks to EABL as one of those many doors that God chose to channel my career through and now am here. Before Tusker Project Fame 3 I (struggled with) the music industries in Rwanda, where it was not easy to make it outside East Africa. I want to take this opportunity to (apologize) to my fans that might have been hurt due to the opinion that (I) posted on Facebook a few days ago, I never meant to offend any of you neither EABL. I felt I had to release my heart, by saying what I felt.’
He however stuck to some of his previous opinion, but this time used a softer tone.

“Yes, winners get exposure and money but when it comes to the recording deal, it becomes so hard to get it as promised. Binding contracts, late delivery of the contract to the artist which makes the artist wonder what to do in between that moment of waiting and this causes lack of focus (on the part of the artiste) and some of them end up being disappointed because the music industry is too fast to wait which causes frustrations and pressure to most of them.”
“My request to EABL is just simple, fulfill the promises to the artists as soon as you can and when an artist’s fails you have nothing to be blamed for.”


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