Teenage Girl Sells Her Child For Sh 3000 In Kitale.

July 4, 2012
A 17 year old house help in Kitale has been arrested for selling her three weeks old baby girl for only Sh 3,000. Saboti chief, Protus Sifuna, confirmed that the girl admitted to selling the child in liason with Ruth Nangendo, the midwife who assisted her in delivery. 

“The girl herself admitted to us that they had sold the child at Ksh3, 000 of 
which the midwife took a half of the money as her share for having brokered the deal,” said the chief.

The teenager is said to have told her midwife that she needed money to travel to Saboti, after her boss refused to pay her. She also told her that the boy who impregnated her had refused to take responsibility. She went on to explain how her parents live in abject poverty and could not afford the cost of bringing up another child. She added that her harsh father would not hear any of that.

At this point the midwife hinted to her the idea of selling her child. 
“After the girl failed to get fare to take her home the midwife told her that she had a way out because there was a barren woman in the neighborhood who could accept to buy the child,” said Sifuna.

The girl is now in custody and police are looking for both the midwife and the woman who bought the child.

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