Jaguar And Mike Rua Slam Kamande wa Kioi, De Mathew And Muigai For Their Music.

June 28, 2012

Mike Rua And Jaguar Join The Voices Against Hate In Music.

mike rua
Two popular artistes have slammed the three Kikuyu musicians under investigations from Mzalendo Kibunjia’s commission, for hate spread and incitement in their music.  The two, Jaguar and Mike Rua, have added their voice in slamming John DeMathew, Muigai wa Njoroge and Kamande wa Kioi, for their music. Kamande wa Kioi is under attack for his song ‘Uhuru ni witu (Uhuru is ours)’ which grossly attacks Prime minister, Raila Odinga, while praising Uhuru Kenyatta. Muigai wa Njoroge is also under attack for his song Hague bound, and so is John DeMathew for the song,  ‘Mwaka wa Hiti’ (Year of the hyena’. All the three songs claim that Kenyans cannot be led by an ‘uncircumcised’ boy. If you missed on that story, read it HERE.
JaguarOn his Facebook page, Jaguar, famed for his hit song ‘Kigeugeu’ expressed his disappointment in fellow artistes who use their talent to spread hate despite the country being in its lowest in 2007/2008.
He wrote, 

“Saddened by the Kikuyu musicians singing hate songs against other communities instead of singing to unite all tribes remembering what happened in 2007 shame on them”

Mike Rua, another Kikuyu musician also expressed his disappointment in the use of talent to incite a community against an individual. The king of ‘Mugiithi’ wondered how an artiste can stoop so low in the name of making money.

“This is not how a musician makes money. Messages in music should be based on real life issues that can benefit the society but not hate speech, I have been following the issue slowly on the internet and from close friends who have been updating me, and that is not what Kikuyu musicians represent as Kamande claims. There is no problem with praising somebody in a song, but abusing the opponent in the process is just wrong.
I sing using almost all languages in Kenya and I don’t abuse anyone. I know I alter words in different songs, just to make fun on situations and my fans love me for that creativity. Hate speeches, especially the political ones, do not feature in my songs at all,”

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