Brenda Wairimu Dumps Juliani??

June 22, 2012

Brenda Wairimu
In today’s (June 22, 2012) issue of Pulse magazine pullout, they ran a story of ‘Celebrity Crushes’. They interviewed several local celebs on there crushes (who should also be celebs). Rumours have been flying that gospel artiste, Juliani and USIU student and Mali actress, Brenda Wairimu were having something. When Pulse magazine asked Juliani, who makes his heart throb, the artiste was swift to answer, Brenda Wairimu.
Pulse: Who makes your heart throb:
Juliani: Brenda Wairimu
Pulse: Where would you take her for a hot date:
Juliani: That’s for me to know and for her to find out.
Juliani must have been very disappointed when he read Pulse this morning, only to find out that he is not the one Brenda Wairimu fancies having a date with.
Pulse: Celebrity crush:
Brenda: Eminem. He is the best lyricist I’ve known and I wouldn’t mind being in a recording studio doing a track together. He will be in awe and Fall In Love With Me.
If the two were a serious couple as it had been reported, then probably Brenda should have said Juliani.
Asked the same question, Wahu did not hesitate answering Nameless.
julianiThe others answered as follows.
Daddy Owen – Miss Karun (Camp Mulla)
Octopizzo – Christina Fernandes
Jaguar – Size 8
Size 8 – Jaguar, Nick Mutuma, Ian Mugoya, Will Smith.
Dj Kaytrixx – Anita Ndelu (Teen Republik)
Moustapha – Miss Karun
Eko Dydda – Eunice Njeri
Amani – Fally Ipupa
Avril – Biko Adema
Tanya – David Beckham

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