Kenya Airways Refunds Passenger For Flying Next To Dead Man.

June 24, 2012

The Passenger Died Shortly After Take off And There Is No Provision For People Who Die Inflight.

Kenya Airways has refunded a Swedish journalist half his air ticket money after she was forced to fly next to a dead man. Lena Pettersson, a journalist with Sveriges Radio (SR) in Sweden was on board a Kenya Airways flight going to Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Just after take off, the passenger seated next to her developed complications. “He was sweating and had cramp,”said Lena. Soon, the staff put out a call for medical help to the passengers. He was given cardiac massage but would soon die.
Not even the staff had foreseen this and that explains their inability to make a decision on the next course of action. Lena was therefore forced to spend the remainder of her overnight flight seating 
Kenya Airways Logonext to the corpse. 
“Of course it was unpleasant, but I am not a person who makes a fuss,” Pettersson told Sweden’s Expressen Daily newspaper. 
The journalist  almost decided to bury the incident but after her holiday in Tanzania, she decided to seek compensation from the airline. After a couple of months of email communication with Kenya Airways, Lena Pettersson was refunded $713, about half her air ticket. Asked about the refund, Lena said, “This feels much better. It is reasonable,”
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