Mudavadi Goes To UDF, For Automatic Presidential Candidature.

May 2, 2012

They Are All Like Raila.

The battle for the presidency is now on. Musalia Mudavadi, has in consultation with the appointing authority, resigned as minister for local government, but retains the deputy prime minister position. He did not elaborate who is the appointing authority. Mudavadi also resigned as ODM deputy party leader.
He has chosen UDF as his party.
At the KICC, some of Uhuru’s lieutenants, or so we thought, were spotted. Ndiritu Muriithi was there and so was Jeremiah Kioni, who was rumoured to have fallen out with Uhuru, and today he confirmed it. Balala was ridiculed when he invited Mudavadi to join his then ‘non-existent’ party, but today he sat at the high table with Musalia Mudavadi. 
The striking similarity with Mudavadi’s departure from ODM to UDF, with all other departures, is the fact that every politician goes to where they will receive a smooth ride to the ballot paper. They all claim lack of democracy, but looking at it objectively,  they all run to where they will get a free ride. Ruto left UDM when he found his ride was not as smooth as he expected. Now at UDF, it is given that Mudavadi will be the automatic presidential candidate. So its right to say, they are all like Raila.

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