Jimmy Gait ‘Ole’ Video Is Out.. Whats With The Naija Accent.

May 28, 2012

Why All The Naija Accent?

Jimmy Gait’s newest video, ‘Ole’ is out. The song features Holy Dave and Chuchu. The video is clearly of high quality and definitely a lot of money went into it. This shows our artistes are growing. As pointed out in an earlier post, furi furi raised the bar so high that I do not think ole is going to outdo it. The song is however okay. 

At this point let me point out that it looks bad when Kenyan artistes take up Nigerian accents. Jimmy Gait has done this a lot, including in ole. We should come up with a Kenyan accent if we must do songs with accents. Same case applies to Jamaican accents for secular artistes.
Here is the song Ole.


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