As Kibaki’s Choice Sails through.

When we least expected it, 4 Kenyan judges have been kicked out of the bench. One of the four is Raila’s initial choice for chief justice, Riaga Omollo. The other three are the infamous Samuel Bosire af the Goldenberg commission, Emmanuel O’Kubasu and Joseph Nyamu.
Incidentally, one of the judges who has passed is Alnashir Visram, who was Kibaki’s choice for chief justice. Others are Phillip Waki, of the Waki envelop, Onyango Otieno, Erastus Githinji and Philip Tunoi.


Riaga omollo


Alnashir Visram
Phillip Waki
Phillip Tanui
Onyango Otieno
Erastus Githinji