Was Whitney Houston Gay?

February 15, 2012

3 days after her death, the 30 year  old rumour of Whitney Houston being lesbian has began to surface all over again. It has previously been reported that Whitney Houston had a female lover, Robyn Crawford, who was also a very close friend and doubled as her assistant. It should be noted that both Houston and Crawford denied being lesbians but that only fueled speculations. At some point in the late 80’s the two shared a flat with Houston having moved in. This was at a time she would make seriously good money off her music career. She could have bought whatever house she wanted.

It has over the years been reported that Whitney’s marriage to Bobby Brown was in the rocks. This has been speculated to be a main reason why Whitney Houston got into a serious relationship with drugs, the other being her denial that she was gay or having to live a double life.

Whitney was just recently rumoured to be having a relationship with Brandy’s brother Ray J (who made a sex tape with Kim Kardashian). It was reported by People that Ray J and brandy were celebrating the latter’s birthday, when the news was broken to them. Ray J could not control himself as he sobbed freely after which they both left early. Houston was supposed to attend that bash. Ray J was 17 years younger than Whitney Houston.

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