Safaricom New Blackberry Unlimited Plan. Surf Unlimited For Sh 20 Daily.

January 31, 2012

Safaricom has launched new unlimited internet prices for Blackberry. The new plans are only available for prepay. For only Sh 20 per day, or 499 per month, you will surf the internet unlimited, but do not expect to watch videos on Youtube. The service does not include streaming, thus locking out sites like Youtube which are bandwidth guzzlers. To activate the new plans, dial *210#. The old blackberry internet service plan (Sh 999/month)  is still available. So what is the difference between the old plan and the new one. Here is a table comparing.

BlackBerry Internet Service BlackBerry Complete
  1. Price: Kshs 999
  2. Free unlimited Email, with up to 10 accounts.
  3. Browsing excluding streaming
  4. Free unlimited Facebook and Twitter
  5. Free instant messaging and BlackBerry messenger.
  6. BlackBerry App world.
  1. Price: Kshs 499
  2. BlackBerry Messenger BBM
  3. BlackBerry Email
  4. 1 Web based Email account
  5. Instant messaging
  6. Browsing excluding streaming.
  7. BlackBerry App world.
  8. Unlimited Social networking

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