Poland MP Smoke Marijuana In Parliament.

January 23, 2012

Janusz Palikot, the leader of a party in Poland launched a drive to legalize marijuana in the country, and what better way to show he means it than smoking it. “This is the weed,” he told reporters in his office in the lower house of parliament, while lighting up what he termed as the legal quantity. This did not come without warning though. On Friday, the flamboyant MP had caused a stir by claiming he would ‘light up’ pot in parliament

“I want to condemn the hypocrisy concerning marijuana consumption,” Palikot told reporters. “Someone said they would smoke a joint in parliament and the reaction was tantamount to someone announcing a coup d’etat.”

In April,the Polish parliament had softened the country’s strict rule on marijuana by allowing forgiveness to be given to those found smoking small quantities of the drug. According to Palikot, that was not enough and he now wants full legalization of marijuana.

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