‘Don’t play politics with people’s lives,’ Hanifa Adan Clashes with Health CS Susan Nakhumicha

July 4, 2024

Popular Twitter activist Hanifa Adan has responded to Health CS Susan Nakhumicha’s recent remarks questioning the ongoing fundraising efforts for medical bills of protesters injured during recent demonstrations.

CS Nakhumicha announced Wednesday morning that 235 out of 294 victims had already received free treatment and had been discharged, a service provided by the government.

However, Hanifa countered these claims, alleging that Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) only waived bills after significant media coverage highlighting the plight of one injured protester.

She accused CS Nakhumicha of politicizing the issue and accused her of attempting to create divisions among the youth.

“There are so many people in KNH complaining up to now that they haven’t received surgery yet and are in pain. We transferred 5 people from KNH to Nairobi West and they’re doing well,” Hanifa asserted.

Using the social media platform X, Hanifa detailed her ongoing efforts to cover medical expenses for protesters across various hospitals, including Moi Referral Hospital and Embu Level 5 Hospital. She criticized the delayed response from the Health CS, noting that the protests had been ongoing for more than two weeks.

“Another fact check.We’ve been paying for Moi referral hospital, We’re paying for Embu level 5 and other public hospitals as well. Even people in Mbagathi, we visited them and we are waiting for the invoices. I’m repeating, do not play politics with people’s lives,”@Honeyfarsafi emphasized.

The human rights activist took the initiative in arranging funeral expenses for families who lost loved ones during the anti-Finance Bill protests. She also extended her support to the families of Rex Kanyike and Evans Kiratu, who tragically lost their lives during the Thursday Occupy Parliament protests.

Together with collaborators Kimuzi and Osama Otero, Hanifa mobilized youths through a fundraising campaign named ‘Care for The Injured’ on various social media platforms, including X and TikTok.

By Friday, the fundraiser had surpassed its initial target of Kes.10 million, achieving a remarkable Kes.25,104,245 on the M-CHANGA digital fundraising platform.

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