Bizarre Discovery: Pastor Held as Human Parts Found in Car Boot at Bungoma Carwash

July 11, 2024

Police in Webuye East are currently investigating a disturbing case involving a self-proclaimed clergyman, Levis Simiyu, who is in custody after human remains were discovered in his car at a carwash in Masikhu market, Bungoma.

The incident unfolded early Monday, July 8 when Simiyu took his Toyota Premio to the Amazing petrol station for a body wash.

During the routine cleaning, a service attendant noticed a human leg protruding from a carton in the car’s boot.

Shocked by the discovery of partially burnt human remains, the attendant immediately alerted the petrol station manager, who swiftly contacted the Webuye police.

Officers arrived promptly and detained Simiyu before he could leave the scene.

The suspect, identified as a pastor at a local ministry in Ndivisi Ward, is currently assisting with police inquiries.

The recovered body parts, found stacked in the car’s boot, have been transferred to the Webuye County Hospital morgue for preservation and further forensic examination.

The bizarre incident has caused a stir in the local community, with authorities focusing on unraveling the circumstances surrounding the macabre find.

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