Reasons Behind Viral Uniformed Officer Collecting Bus Fare from Matatu Passengers

June 10, 2024

Kenyans were recently surprised to see a police officer collecting bus fare from passengers in Nairobi while wearing his full uniform.

In a viral video, the officer is seen moving through the overcrowded matatu, collecting fares from passengers, either in cash or via M-Pesa.

A section of social media users questioned the officer’s professionalism while some criticized him for working as a tout while in uniform, suggesting it undermined the dignity of the police force.

“How can someone in uniform work part-time? It’s actually a conflict of interest. This is why the bus is overcrowded, with some passengers standing, and he cannot enforce the law,” a Twitter user opined.

Others supported his actions, lauding him for his service to the Kenyan public.

“Very nice. He fits the slogan “utumishi kwa wote”(service to all). I think with that mentality cases of sexual harassment to ladies and carrying of excess passengers would be finished completely in the matatu industry,” another social media user wrote.

The officer, identified as Afande Denno, is known for engaging with the public to improve the image of the police service. He posted the video on his TikTok account on Friday, June 7, 2024, as part of his content aiming to foster peace between the police and Kenyans.

Police officers are human too. Let’s end this longstanding animosity between citizens and the police, as well as between the police and all community institutions. Attacking the police is like attacking the government,” he wrote.

“Wakadinali and all artists, let’s come together on this platform to discuss this issue and live in peace. Always, Officer Denno.”

Watch Afande.Denno in action below.

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