Members of the Public Catch Escapee Farmhand Accused Of Killing Employer in Kirinyaga

June 5, 2024

Members of the public took matters into their own hands as they executed a Citizen’s arrest against a Ugandan murder suspect who escaped from Kiamaciri police station in Mwea West, Kiriynaga County on Friday.

Phillipino Muifi, 23, escaped from custody under unclear circumstances after he was apprehended on May 18 for allegedly murdering Rose Muthoni Kariuki on November 2, 2023, while working as her farmhand at Kombuini village

According to the police at Kiamaciri, Muifi disappeared on Friday along with another suspect accused of bestiality with a goat in Kagio town. The police claimed that the two broke a pipe and escaped.

The second escapee has also been re-arrested.

The family of the deceased 64-year-old woman stormed Kiamaciri police station upon learning that the suspect had escaped police custody under unclear circumstances.

They were also joined by concerned members of the public who demanded answers from the police at the infamous base, where four cops were arrested in February of this year for stealing and selling illicit brew that killed at least 17 people in Kirinyaga County.

On Tuesday, public members did the police’s work as they cornered the escapee suspect at Ngumbatha village in Kangai, roughly 10 kilometres from Kiamaciri police station.

Confirming the re-arrest of the suspect, Kirinyaga Police commander Adrew Naibei said residents were baying for his blood, prompting special unit police officers to whisk him away to Kerugoya Police Station.

Before his daring escape, the suspected killer was being held at Kiamaciri police station after the court allowed detectives to detain him for 14 days to complete investigations and charge him accordingly.

Commander Andrew Naibei said the suspect will also be charged with escaping from lawful custody.

He thanked area residents for helping the police to flush out the suspect from his hiding place.

“The residents cooperated with our officers, making it easy for us to re-arrest the suspect,” he said.

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