Kenya Spends Kes.1.25 Billion on Millions of Vaccine Doses for Immunization

June 6, 2024
Health Cabinet Susan Nakhumicha and PS of medical services Harry Kimtai

The Ministry of Health has replenished routine childhood vaccines in Kenya following recent reports of shortages.

In a statement on Wednesday, June 5, the Ministry announced it had received a significant shipment of vaccines, including 1.2 million doses of Measles Rubella, 3 million doses of Oral Polio, 1 million doses of Tetanus-Diphtheria, and 3 million doses of BCG.

The Ministry allocated Kes.1.25 billion to procure these vaccines, which had reached critically low levels.

The Ministry stated that the vaccines are being processed for immediate distribution to the nine regional vaccine stores across the country.

“The received vaccines are currently being processed for urgent distribution,” said Mr. Harry Kimtai, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Medical Services.

The Ministry has also acquired additional refrigerated trucks to ensure these vaccines reach health facilities and communities by the second week of June 2024.

Health PS Harry Kimtai urged healthcare workers to collaborate with community health teams to ensure all children who missed vaccinations return to facilities and catch up on their immunization schedules.

Health officials encouraged caregivers to bring their children back to facilities for immunization, as vaccine supply has now normalized in the country.

The Ministry thanked Gavi for its support over the years and remains committed to ensuring a smooth transition as Kenya moves towards becoming fully self-financing by 2030.

The government recognized the role of immunization partners, the media, and civil society in raising awareness of the vaccine stock-out issues, noting strong health-seeking behavior in communities and excellent demand for vaccines in Kenya.

The Ministry is exploring innovative options for sustainable financing of vaccine procurement and program operations to prevent future stock-outs.

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