How To Update Kenya Power Token Meter and Beat The Deadline

June 13, 2024

The nation’s electricity monopoly Kenya Power has announced a crucial update for all customers using prepaid meter tokens, requiring them to update their devices before August 31.

Meters that are not updated by this deadline will no longer accept tokens, according to the company’s directive.

Managing Director Joseph Siror detailed the update process on Wednesday, explaining that customers will receive two codes upon purchasing tokens.

“Customers will be required to enter the codes into their meter by following the instructions provided in the SMS before loading the new token,” Siror stated. He also noted, “In some cases, the company will send the codes directly to customers who have not recently purchased tokens, prompting them to update their meters. This process is straightforward and free of charge.”

Customers must ensure all previously purchased tokens are loaded into their meters before entering the reset and update codes. Kenya Power assured that the update would not affect any tokens already loaded into the meters.

This initiative, targeting 7.4 million prepaid meters across the country, has been dubbed ‘Update Token Meter Yako’.

The end of August 2024 has been set as the deadline for the update.

Here’s the full statement from Kenya Power.

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