CS Mutua Blames Protesters for Police Officer Losing His Hands

June 20, 2024

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua has blamed protesters for the injuries sustained by an anti-riot police officer during Tuesday’s ‘Occupy Parliament’ protest against the Finance Bill 2024.

CS Mutua condemned the protests claiming they resulted in a life-changing injury to senior police officer David Maina of Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) who lost both arms when a teargas canister exploded in his hands before he could deploy it.

“As we sit here today, Chief Inspector David Karuri Maina has lost both his arms; today he is disabled. This man is a son, a husband, and a father… he has been disabled by the protesters,” he said.

During the launch of the National Wildlife Census in Narok, the CS stated that Kenyans have the right to demonstrate but should avoid activism and violence that leads to bloodshed, as every action has consequences.

“My beautiful young people who are being driven by propaganda, look at the facts, don’t get involved in activism and violence that leads to bloodshed… That officer who lost his hands, his blood is on you,” Mutua said.

Alfred Mutua announced that he and Narok Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu would donate one million shillings to the injured officer’s family for medical expenses and other needs.

The CS also urged responsible and informed civic engagement. He emphasized that the country’s progress hinges on lawful and constructive actions.

Mutua underscored that the Finance Bill underwent thorough legislative scrutiny, with all contentious clauses amended following public input.

“During the public participation of the Finance Bill, people were given the opportunity to voice their concerns, and this is a different Kenya where we listen to the voices of the people,” he stated.

Regarding the bill’s process, Mutua explained it underwent revision by the cabinet to balance universal care and transport needs with the country’s fiscal responsibility to raise revenue without burdening future generations with loans. He assured that the process proceeded as planned and the bill would pass, enabling Kenyans to continue their lives while increasing revenue collection.

“People talk about Kenyans being overtaxed, yes nobody likes being taxed, even me I don’t like being taxed, but we have to pay our taxes and some countries even pay more taxes than us,” Mutua added.

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