Why Vera Sidika is on the Fence with her Casual Nigerian Beau

May 21, 2024

Reality TV star Vera Sidika recently spilled some juicy details about her relationship status, indicating that she is seeing someone although it is not serious.

The Real Housewives of Nairobi (RHON) actor disclosed that her casual beau is Nigerian. She noted that they are just having fun at the moment as she does not want to commit at the moment.

“About my partner, I don’t want any commitment at the moment. I just want to have fun, so the person I am with is not there for a serious relationship,” she candidly revealed.

Vera Sidika emphasized her single status, mentioning that she is still on the fence about committing. She also does not want the man to commit himself to her.

“I’m single because I don’t want it to be serious…niko 50/50 one leg in, one leg out. I also don’t want him to be committed to me.”

Vera’s carefree attitude and reluctance to settle down is expected to bring an exciting dynamic to the new season of The Real Housewives of Nairobi.

She tantalized fans with what to expect from Season Two; “It is spicy, exciting, and amazing,” she teased.

“I feel like I got a bit wild this season since I am single, and there is also a bit of drama. At some point, it will get emotional.”

Vera said her fans will see a new side of her as a mother of two, with her son Ice Brown making an appearance.

Embracing her “single” status, Vera admitted, “Being single is very good for me. Marriage was boring, and there were things I could not do in Season One because my ex-husband, Brown Mauzo, was around.”

She added, “I am also not pregnant like I was in Season One and that means I was able to do all the activities.”

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