NTSA To Virtually Monitor All School Buses’ Speeds in New Directive

May 15, 2024

As schools reopened this week, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) issued a comprehensive set of requirements for school buses to ensure the safety of students during their daily commutes.

Among the requirements is a radical directive that all school buses must be equipped with functional speed limiters that are integrated with the NTSA Intelligent Road Safety Management System (IRSMS). This means that NTSA will be able to remotely monitor and control the speed of school buses, reducing the risk of accidents caused by speeding.

A similar directive was issued last year by Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen, targeting commercial vehicles.

The speed limiters must be from approved suppliers, of which there were only 57 at last count.

These approved gadgets limit the speed, record the speed data after every 5 seconds, and then transmit it to NTSA and the vendor, thus reporting violations in real-time.

Further, NTSA emphasized the importance of adherence to vehicle capacity limits, warning against overloading of both school buses and public service vehicles (PSVs) transporting students. The authority has vowed to take action against any school or PSV found in violation of this regulation.

Additionally, all school buses are mandated to possess valid inspection certificates, valid Road Service Licenses (RSL), and a valid motor vehicle insurance.

To further enhance student safety, NTSA mandates that all school buses be fitted with functional seatbelts for all passengers, ensuring that students are properly restrained during transit.

The authority also outlined specific requirements for school bus drivers, including possession of a valid Driver’s License with the appropriate class endorsement corresponding to the type of vehicle being driven. Drivers must also hold a valid Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge.

NTSA, in collaboration with the National Police Service (NPS), is conducting nationwide inspections to ensure compliance with these requirements. The authority urges all motorists to exercise caution and prioritize the safety of children as they return to school.

School administrators are also called upon to implement measures to ensure full compliance with the Traffic Act and PSV regulations to guarantee the safety and well-being of their students.

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