Detailed Breakdown of KUCCPS 2024 University, TVET, and College Placements

May 22, 2024

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) released the placement results for students who took the KCSE in 2023 on Tuesday.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu announced that 201,146 students (22.5%) achieved a mean grade of C+ and above, qualifying them for degree programs. The remaining 694,086 students (77.5%) with mean grades between C and E are eligible for Diploma, Craft, and Artisan programs in TVET institutions.

KUCCPS offered courses from 70 universities, 35 teacher training colleges, 88 Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) campuses, and 248 public TVET colleges.

The total approved capacity was 1,078,806, including 278,006 university spots and 769,820 TVET spots. Teacher training colleges had 13,808 spots, and KMTC had 17,172.

Placements to universities were based on students’ choices, qualifications, and available capacities. Machogu stated that 153,274 students (76.2% of those qualified) were placed in various degree programs.

“A total of 153,274 students have been placed to various Degree programmes in Universities, accounting for 76.2 per cent of the 201,146 Kenyan students who qualified,” Machogu said.

Applications for the Open University of Kenya (OUK) programs continue on the KUCCPS portal.

In TVET institutions, 75,718 applicants secured places, including 11,991 who qualified for degree programs but chose diploma courses. For KMTC, 56,516 applied, and 19,653 were placed.

Teacher training colleges admitted 10,263 applicants for diploma programs, including 734 for secondary teacher education and 9,529 for primary teacher education.

Machogu noted that KUCCPS gave special consideration to eligible applicants from marginalized and minority regions, as well as those with disabilities, benefiting 2,452 students through affirmative action.

This year marked the first time KUCCPS placed students in universities, TVET institutions, KMTC, and TTCs in a single process.

“This year’s placement process was a more laborious one compared with previous years. It was the first time that KUCCPS placed students to Universities, TVET institutions, KMTC and TTC within a single process,” Machogu said.

Machogu praised the placement service’s efforts and directed college administrators to promptly inform students and their guardians of reporting dates and joining instructions.

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