Churchill Fails To Rule Out Entering Politics

May 23, 2024

Veteran comedian Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki has hinted at a possible future in politics but emphasized that he may not be ready for the plunge just yet. Speaking about his current focus, Churchill expressed his excitement about the burgeoning creative economy.

“For now, I think I am serving well in the position I am in, giving back to the community through the Churchill Foundation, which is two years old. When the time comes, Yarabi stara (Oh God, help), but for now there is so much to do in terms of nurturing talent,” the 46-year-old comedian chuckled.

Churchill explained that his primary interest lies in nurturing talent within the creative economy, a passion he has pursued for years since launching the Churchill Comedy Show. This platform has been instrumental in developing numerous notable talents.

He cited one of his protégés, Butita, who is currently accompanying President Ruto for his US state visit.

“What we have been praying for, especially in the creative space, has started to materialize. That artistes like Butita can now turn their lifestyle into a media house is such a big opportunity. These are the kind of conversations we want to be a part of. If Safaricom is making all that profit, you should be happy because the future is data (bundles) and data means content,” he remarked.

Churchill highlighted the significant investments that corporations are making in the creative economy. He noted that many companies are now directing a substantial portion of their budgets towards the digital space, a trend that excites him about the future.

“The budgets of most companies, 60 percent of them, are now going into the digital space. We can educate content creators on how to stay relevant and create content that can constantly build communities, which then translates into money,” he explained.

In summary, while Churchill hasn’t ruled out a political career, his current focus remains on leveraging the growing creative economy to nurture talent and foster community-building through content creation.

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