Govt to Invest in Tech to Tame Road Carnage, CS Murkomen

April 9, 2024

Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen announced that the Ministry is investing in technology to curb road accidents.

Murkomen described the increasing number of fatal road accidents in the country as a national catastrophe requiring collaborative efforts to tackle.

The CS stated that the Ministry of Transport is collaborating closely with traffic police officers and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to enhance road safety.

“In the past 20 years, we have been losing an average of 3,800 people annually. Many of these accidents are attributed to reckless driving and lack of respect for pedestrians. Others are caused by overloading and drunken driving,” he said.

Murkomen mentioned that they are in the process of deploying gadgets to monitor traffic on various roads, along with drafting regulations to ensure prosecution of those violating traffic laws.

The CS announced that his Ministry will publish new guidelines on how school transport should be managed, especially in light of recent accidents involving students from Chavakali High School, Kabsabet Boys, and Kenyatta University.

“To address the problem head-on, we are working to finalise the introduction of digital speed cameras and instant fines for PSVs violating traffic laws. As we intensify joint enforcement of traffic rules, technology will reduce the errant behaviour of road users in the long run,” he said.

CS Murkomen acknowledged the appeals from Senators Ledama Ole Kina (Narok) and Hillary Sigei (Bomet) for stringent enforcement of Michuki rules to curb road carnage.

He stated that the Ministry would reintroduce drink-driving tests once Parliament approves the reinstatement of alco-blow. Additionally, NTSA would collaborate with traffic police in their enforcement efforts.

Murkomen also mentioned plans to install speed cameras on roads and implement instant fines, where all traffic violations would be sent directly to the motorist’s mobile phone.

“We are already in the pilot stage and have so far installed cameras on different roads across the country and the instant fining of drivers going above speed limits, overlapping or committing other traffic offences,” he said.

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