Faulty Power Connection Results in Electrocution of 3 Family Members Through Clothesline

April 8, 2024
File image of a washing-line

Nyatwere village in Homa Bay County is in mourning after three family members were electrocuted to death at their home on Saturday evening.

Chief Jacob Adienge of Kachien North Location reports that brothers Elijah Otieno and Isaiah Otieno, and their sister-in-law Laventer Otieno died instantly as a result of electrocution.

He said Laventer was electrocuted first when she went to remove her clothes from a metallic wire used for drying clothes.

The iron sheet from her house was in contact with the clothesline, which carried a current due to a shoddy power connection.

Chief Adienge stated that the woman was immediately struck when she touched the clothesline and screamed for help before succumbing on the spot.

The two brothers present at the scene rushed to her aid, but tragically, they were also electrocuted. Citizen TV reports that they died instantly upon touching their sister-in-law, whose body was still entangled on the clothesline.

Chief Adienge reported that their preliminary investigation established that a quack electrician from the village, lacking expertise in handling electricity, connected the power at Laventer’s house.

The bodies were transported to the mortuary at Rachuonyo South Sub County Hospital.

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