CS Kindiki Announces Govt Plan to Use Artificial Intelligence in Border Control

April 3, 2024

During the opening ceremony of the inaugural National Border Management Conference in Nairobi yesterday, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki announced that the government plans to employ digital technology, data, and artificial intelligence in future border control and management.

Kindiki stated that the government has already made significant investments in equipping security agencies with the latest technology and resources to combat complex security threats such as terrorism, human trafficking, and narcotics trafficking.

He added that the government envisions a border control system with contactless and minimal human interaction for checks and controls.

“Future border control and management will be driven by digital technology, data and artificial intelligence. While the traditional security hardware will remain crucial for countries in the immediate future, the border of the future is going to be secure but contact-less, with minimal human interaction for checks and controls,” Kindiki said.

However, Kindiki noted that the introduction of technology will not entirely replace the current system, which involves traditional border control and management.

“Kenya’s borders serve as vital conduits for legitimate trade and travel, facilitating the exchange of goods, ideas and cultures, not just with our neighbours, but the whole World. However, they also present challenges in the form of transnational crime, terrorism and other illicit activities that threaten the safety and security of our people,” Kindiki said.

The Cabinet Secretary stated that heightened border control and management will foster regional cooperation for economic prosperity.

Delegates from Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda attended the National Border Management Conference.

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