Boda Boda Rider Flees Scene Following Collision with Governor’s Vehicle

April 16, 2024

On Monday, Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok was involved in an accident between his Toyota Prado vehicle and a boda boda in Kipsarwet area on the Bomet-Longisa road.

The police reported that a pillion passenger was injured in the accident, which took place around 10:00 am. A statement from the governor indicated that both he and the boda boda rider escaped unhurt.

Governor Prof Barchok was headed to his Bomet office from his home in Kapkimolwo,Bomet East constituency when the accident occurred.

Another vehicle, which stopped at the scene and recognized the governor, immediately drove him away from the scene.

The injured boda boda passenger, Benjamin Rotich, a bursar at a local secondary school, sustained forehead injuries and was taken to Longisa County Referral Hospital for treatment.

Confirming the incident, Bomet Central Police Commander Musa Omar Imamai said the accident occurred when the boda boda rider, traveling towards Bomet, made a U-turn and was hit by the Governor’s vehicle.

“The pillion passenger was injured in the incident while the boda boda rider escaped immediately after the accident and is being sought by the police to record a statement,” Mr Imamai said.

The Governor’s dark blue Prado vehicle, which sustained damage to its front left side, was towed to Bomet police station. It remained in the parking lot for a few hours before being released.

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